Our professional team, is responsible from the very first to the very last step of your event. Exclusive locations, perfect planning , excellent restaurants and professionals, all for your unique event.


Our customers came from all over the world and they want us to plan their special wedding in our wonderful country.
Nowadays even Italian couples are opened to the possibility of getting married abroad. So we can proudly say that our clients are Italian who entrust our company in order to plan their special day out of their own country and foreigner couples in love with our stunning locations in Italy. The difference among our company and our competitors is the way of dealing with clients. When it comes to plan a wedding, we start working together with a couple, sometimes even more than one year in advance. What happen is that on the wedding day, we are very familiar with most of the guests! We do not only now the names but also the family relation with the bride or the groom! Sometimes it is hard to choose to get married abroad. For many different reasons; first of all
because the feature bride and groom might wrongly think that it is more expensive. Second of all, they may get scared about the bureaucratic procedures they must follow in order to have a legal wedding, third, sometimes not all guests, especially the old ones, can actually afford to travel far away because of their age. Our job is to provide all the knowledge and instruments necessary to plan the big day together! Our team is composed by professionals, who have been involved in the wedding industry for years . We are all able to talk several languages and we are experts in planning and travelling. Cultural differences are not a problem for us but an amazing challenge instead!


Among the first who introduced this professional figure in Italy. We Believe it is important to give support to the wedding couples overwhelmed with the wedding day coming up. The wedding personal coach is the one who holds your hand and assists you with serenity towards your planned day. The coach is a professional figure who will become your partner, supporting you in all planning steps. It will be your sidekick, the reference point, your guide and the one who will support you. It all includes our exclusive services, a cuddle who will last for months and will get into your life in tiptoe to ensure your wedding to be truely an amazing day.


Every wedding is different. The very interesting challenge is to understand the personal client’s taste and mix it with our personal style always guaranteeing a classy and unique wedding in its own semplicity.

Elopement Wedding

“Elopement” has a difficult translation for the Italian language. It means getting married in a very intimate way by choosing an unconventional place. It is a very romantic and modern choice as well as extremely economic compared to the traditional and classical wedding but certainly classy and it could be very luxury too; The complexity for the couple is exactly the same than planning a wedding abroad, plus it is a very new way of getting married so, be in touch with all suppliers it can be tricky and this is why couples entrust an expert who could help them in terms of bureaucracy, planning and suppliers. How many times have you easily said or thought : “If only I could get married here…!”. But that place it is certainly unconventional. A cliff edge, a famous glacier up to the Nord of Italy or Iceland… The place which brings up to your mind your childhood… Why not to choose the middle of the Ocean or any place of any Oceans?! Only the two of you. It is a dream even to write about it. But now, this is possible…!
This is what we want, create your dream together. Take care of all bureaucratic and logistic aspects leaving you to enjoy that precise moment and exactly the dreamt place. 


Ilaria Fiorensoli

Who am I? I am a mum first of all.
Hardheaded , stubborn and a dreamer woman. I like thing about details, who is ahead of the curve. I like to surprise with new details and this is why all my events are exclusive in their uniqueness.
I was freelance for many years, always with the luggage ready, I decided to open the agency at my name because in every event or corporate event, wedding or progect, I put all myself into it with passion. I have a large team, a staff of women made strong by life who became now my own power.
“So we beat on, boats against the current” this is our challenge, to tell us apart.

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